Money Master Sale

Money Masters is a Swiss EdTech startup which has built a versatile learning platform that makes learning about finance fun and rewarding. Their platform is already in use by a Top-30 company from Spain and has 50,000 users. For further informations see: Money Masters

By doing the world’s first startup IPO on-chain, Money Masters gives investors a new, modern way of investing, in startups. The $MNY is a tokenized share of the company behind Money Masters.


Public Sale is now live

Please ensure you understand the public sale mechanics and terms before proceeding, deposited amounts CANNOT be withdrawn. The sale is setup in three consecutive steps:
Batch 1:
● $MNY fixed price of $0.32 until $222,200 worth of shares are sold. Then Batch2 will start.
Batch 2:
● $MNY fixed price of $0.36 until $444,400 worth of shares are sold. Then last batch will start.
Batch 3:
● $MNY fixed price of $0.40 until $666,600 worth of shares are sold or the sales end on November 21th @23:00 UTC

⚠️ You don’t need to create an account to invest. After TGE you can claim your $MNY from your wallet on Arcton.
⚠️ Your allocation will be 40% $MNY at TGE and 60% of $MNY will be vested over a year, with a 10% allocation after every two months

Deal Terms

0 / 1.33M USDC

Total Raised / Hardcap

Max 1.33M USDC

Circulating Market Cap


Current MNY Price

$5.5M USDC


Current $MNY Price


Indicate Amount of $MNY



By investing you accept the Investment and the Registration Agreement


5 $ARC

Per $550 invested in $MNY

Read more about the $ARC sharedrop here Medium

Understanding the IPO

How Price is determined

You can contribute with USDC on Arbitrum chain in exchange for $MNY tokens, which are to be claimed two weeks after the sale (exact date TBA).

3,330,000.00 $MNY (out of a 4,400,000.00 total supply) will be allocated in total to the sale (private and public).

Only the shares of this IPO are tokenised. Previous investment round are paper shares and can’t be sold in the secondary market.

Price depends on the stage you participate.

Three-stage sale

This public start will start on November 14th @ 2pm UTC, and last until November 21th (23:00 UTC)

Shares are sold in 3 Batches on an FCFS basis (First Come First Serve). Sale End: Upon selling out of the respective batch of shares

Batch 1
● Total Sale Amount: $222,200
● Price $MNY: $0.32
Batch 2
● Total Sale Amount: $444,400
● Price $MNY: $0.36
Batch 3
● Total Sale Amount: $666,600
● Price $MNY: $0.40

Claiming Process

The public sale will last until November 21th @23:00 UTC. The end date can be extended once.

Shortly after, $ MNY can be claimed from the Arcton platfor.

Tokens from the presale and public sale will be claimable at the same time liquidity is seeded.

In order to align the long-term objectives of the protocol, 40% of $MNY will be unvested, and 60% will be vested within a year.